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About Us: About Us

About Us

At Allison Valley we have been building our reputation as a trusted Dog Breeder in Central Queensland since 2013. We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our dogs & pups. We focus on ensuring the transition from our loving home to yours is as easy and smooth as possible.

🐾 We spend time training our pups for:
-crate training
-potty training
-grooming (brushing, washing, blow dry, nail clipping)
-temperament testing at 6 weeks old

✅ Our puppies come with
-1st vaccination
-up-to-date with worming (wormed from 2 weeks of age)
-vet checked for heart, lungs, hips, patella, correct bite, eyes and ears
-Knose introductory pet insurance
-Blackhawk puppy pack with 3kg bag of food & $20 off voucher
-puppy folder with photos of puppy growing up, pics of parents, insurance, grooming guide, socialisation check-list, microchip and vaccination certificate etc.

We are a responsible, registered breeder in Queensland and are members of the RPBA and Blackhawk MasterBreeders Club. All our parent dogs are DNA tested for all known hereditary diseases specific to their breed. We do this testing through Orivet. 

BIN: 0002345275650
RPBA: 8228
Blackhawk: 97148

About our Breeding Program

We began breeding in 2013 with our foundation dogs "Sweetie" & "Oreo" (a pair of beautiful Chocolate English Cocker Spaniels). We have come a long way since then, using our own experiences and tips from our mentors and other ethical breeders to better our breeding program. We now specialise in both English Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Poodles. 

We are a small boutique breeder with only 4 breeding females (1 of which is in a loving guardian home) so each of our fur-babies are able to receive the love and attention they deserve. Our retired dogs are still living the spoilt life with us, sitting in aircon watching tv, running a muck on our 5 acre property or on "auntie / uncle" duties when we have puppies to socialise with. Our doggies are first and foremost our loved family pets. We pride ourselves in our CAGE FREE breeding program. Our dogs are our family, they sleep inside with us, snuggle with us on the lounge for movie night and play "musical beds" taking turns with who sleeps on the bed. 

We have our whelping box set up in our bedroom so we can keep a close eye on both mum and puppies during their first few weeks of life. We do all that we can to ensure the best head-start to life, including 24/hr round the clock care during the puppies first week, tracking their weight, give extra vitamins if necessary, supplement feed every 2hrs if mum is not providing sufficient milk or if there is a runt in the litter and worming fortnightly from 2 weeks of age. 

At roughly 3-4 weeks old we move our puppies into the more social part of our home, our living room. This is so they can be exposed to home life, including the different the noises from the chitter chatter at our dinner table to loud music and movies playing on our TV, and all sorts of smells coming from our kitchen. At this point they also are able to see our other dogs briefly if mumma dog permits. 

At 5 weeks old our puppies are able to venture to the great outdoors during the early morning and late afternoon when weather permits, and play in our purpose built 100sq/m puppy play yard where they have access to shade, water and an indoor area with a ceiling fan. This is where they begin to build confidence, saying hello to our other dogs through the safety of a fence, often giving kisses though the fence (sooo cute). We do not allow our adult dogs to play with our puppies until they are 7-8 weeks old under strict supervision (although our dogs are very friendly with the pups, we do like to keep a close eye on them to ensure the safety of all our dogs and puppies). 


We are members of the Responsible Pet Breeders Association and Blackhawk Master Breeders Club and abide to the strict guidelines and local regulations. All our dogs are DNA tested to ensure all our puppies will NEVER inherit any known genetic diseases specific to the breed. We also expose our puppies to early training ie crate training, toilet training, grooming desensitisation (brushing, blow dryer, nail trimming), socialisation with children and other dog breeds which many unexperienced breeders do not usually do. This is so important so that our puppies are able to easily adjust to family life in their new homes. 

We have over 10 years experience of raising happy, healthy and well socialised pups and believe that our patience, love and care during their first weeks has allowed them to have such wonderfull and well-rounded temperaments as they have grown. 

We are very open and transparent about our journey, if you have any further questions about our breeding program we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have. 

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